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ahh… hmm… i cant think of any fun or cool facts about me since i am not fun or cool. these are kinda boring, sorry.

  1. i’m 5’9”? this seems to be way above the tumblr average. everyone on tumblr is so small and adorable.
  2. my lease is up in a month so i’m moving again… this is gonna be my fourth apartment in just under four years…. super looking forward to moving the piano
  3. right now i work at a jewelry store which is fun because i get to try on a lot of diamonds but sucks because i don’t really get paid enough for what a great online salesman/gofer/personal secretary i am
  4. i named the kitten rocky b/c of his raccoon mask if anyone was waiting for updates on that. he’s got fleas, it’s terrible
  5. deeply contemplating the pros/cons of dying it red next time i get my hair did. worried i wont be able to pull it off?? mods???

i tag anyone who wants to do it cause i dont especially feel like sending a bunch of messages. do what your heart tells you man

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Hello! I'll keep this short because you probably get a lot of asks. I really like your art style, and I was wondering if you do commissions? If not, I understand. Thank you for reading this.

yeah i do!! unfortunately, i dont have a commissions post right now, i need to make a new one. but if you let me know what you were thinking of i can always give you a quote.

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No long sob story here, here’s the short version: I gotta move out of my house. I already have plenty of savings (because I’ve been preparing to move for a while now) but I’m still a bit stressed out and any bit of money helps. 

SO! I’m offering commissions! $20 for b+w, $40 for color. I’ll draw fanart, original characters, animals, robots, but I will not draw nsfw. Price may go up or down depending on complexity. If you just want a sketch, or a bust, or an icon or something complex with a background, let me know, we’ll talk about it. Contact me at saragoetter (at)

ALSO I have a Storenvy up, now complete with copies of Haircut, Cool, and Keep Moving! Check it out!

And as always I have my Gumroad up for all your PDF needs.

If you can’t afford anything here, spreading the word helps. Thanks guys!

help my cool friend who is good at comics move!!

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Your art is beautifully stylized and soothing to look at AND ur into lupin, FEA, and p4???? Marry me. Also, ur a cute poot


anon i’m gonna get cavities. 2 sweet

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(inspired by the lil gif in blues beginners guide…. sorry…)

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buy a pad of bristol board

always gr8 advice

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in my experience moleskines are a hit and miss with ink! they definitely won’t take more watery inks (ie brush pens) as theres no tooth to the sketchbook

yeah tru! theyre good for fineliners, in my experience india ink + a brush with bristles will work. felt tip pens don’t take as well

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hiya! i have a question. what type of sketchbooks are the best for linearts? like, i get some sketchbooks and the ink just passes through. OO and where i could buy them? thanks! your help is appreciated! (and i love ur art. a good feel to it. :3 )

hmmMM it sounds like you want something with a heavier paper weight? maybe look for one that says mixed media on it. canson and strathmore make good quality sketchbooks. moleskines take ink pretty well too but they’re expensive. (you can get these pretty much anywhere, amazon or art supply places or even hobby stores like michaels)

those types of sketchbooks ink won’t bleed through, but if youre using stuff like markers it’ll pretty much always show through on the other side, not much you can do…

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