thanks to everyone who bought a sale commission from me!! i got to draw some rly cute ocs so i think we all came out of this winners

(sorry i forgot to ask for some urls, if one of these is yours & you want your url in the caption lmk)

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noooo kids, put down those jazz cigarettes and come to church, jesus is crying

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i have an (unpaid) week off and idle hands are the devil’s playthings or some shit, give me something to do!!

lets keep it simple: $12 for a waist-up drawing of a character like above. doesn’t matter if its fanart or your oc.

i will do as many commissions as i receive as long as you send me a message before midnight PST on Saturday April 19th!!!

( ˘ ³˘)♥ this is the end of the post (˘³ ˘ )

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Would you ever think about putting the ouran sticker designs on t-shirts?

i think i tried it and i thought it would look weird or something? the actual design would be printed pretty small on the shirt. i’ll add it as an option to s6 when i get home anyway, it’s easy to do

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Any chances of you putting up any pizza humor prints up on Society6? I would love to get my hands on one!

haha ok… which of my friends sent me this… nice try, u jokesters……..

umm… i dont think have too much that’s print size but i’ll put a few pizza humor prints up, sure!! the last thing i posted here can definitely be printed but it won’t animate, obviously…

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influences map that nobody asked for!!

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i am way late reblogging this but it is crazy flattering!!

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decided to lean hard into the overembellished anime pinups thing (my “web brand”)

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some very alluring and sensual come-ons from me 2 you this vday

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