(inspired by the lil gif in blues beginners guide…. sorry…)

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buy a pad of bristol board

always gr8 advice

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in my experience moleskines are a hit and miss with ink! they definitely won’t take more watery inks (ie brush pens) as theres no tooth to the sketchbook

yeah tru! theyre good for fineliners, in my experience india ink + a brush with bristles will work. felt tip pens don’t take as well

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hiya! i have a question. what type of sketchbooks are the best for linearts? like, i get some sketchbooks and the ink just passes through. OO and where i could buy them? thanks! your help is appreciated! (and i love ur art. a good feel to it. :3 )

hmmMM it sounds like you want something with a heavier paper weight? maybe look for one that says mixed media on it. canson and strathmore make good quality sketchbooks. moleskines take ink pretty well too but they’re expensive. (you can get these pretty much anywhere, amazon or art supply places or even hobby stores like michaels)

those types of sketchbooks ink won’t bleed through, but if youre using stuff like markers it’ll pretty much always show through on the other side, not much you can do…

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i have an (unpaid) week off and idle hands are the devil’s playthings or some shit, give me something to do!!

lets keep it simple: $12 for a waist-up drawing of a character like above. doesn’t matter if its fanart or your oc.

i will do as many commissions as i receive as long as you send me a message before midnight PST on Saturday April 19th!!!

( ˘ ³˘)♥ this is the end of the post (˘³ ˘ )

im pretty much in the exact same situation again and these worked out good last time, so here’s round 2. contact me before midnight on saturday july 12th if you want one!

here’s the ones i did last time for more examples

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color palette draws! i mixed up dandy and satsuki’s palettes… oops…

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Shoooooot, what a great idea. I already do limited palette practice, but these are some nice presets to start with. 

Don’t expect me to pump these out like sonyshock though. He’s some kind of magician. I’m slow as hell.

I’ll do this! Within reason. If I can be arsed…

If I get any good ones I’ll put aside 10 minutes to doodle one. 

send me some colors and I’ll try and do a few tomorrow!

hmmm… could be fun…. no promises though… 

8D this is so cute! i’m in

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im on “”“vacation”“” but i really wanted to do something for #P4WEEK2014 so!!! here is day 2/characters in different costumes. (there was no specific girls crossdressing prompt, weird??? seems like an oversight???)

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